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Anatomy of an ELITE
       Every diabetic suffers from some degree of foot problem example:
   • Pain
   • Numbness
   • Wounds not heeling routinely
   • Insensitive feet i.e., unable to feel pain, pressure, hear & cold
   • Cracked feet
   • Chronic fungal infection
   Also Watch for pain Signals from foot
   • Plantar Fascities
   • Calcaneal spur
Flat foot
Any Chronic ulcer
   • Bunions
See your doctor
Get treated for diabeter (control blood sugar levels) or any other systemic disease
Avoid smoking
Exercise as directed
Use proper footwear
    DO        DO NOT's
  Notice and feel your daily for blisters, open sores, cuts, colour changes, or ingrown
  Let your feet get dry and cracked
  Wash your feet daily with soap and luke warm water. Take care to wash between toes.   Use hot water to wash you feet
  Keep your feet dry especially between toes use powder if needed.   Wear torn of Tight shoes
  Keep you skin soft. Put lotion on top and bottom of your feet. Do not apply between toes.   Wear tight socks or knee-hights
  Change daily into clean socks, which must fit well and have no holes or tares.   Use corn medicines or blades
  Examine your shoes everyday for pebbles, nails and any irritating objects.   Use heater or hot water bottle to warm your feet; They can cause harm.
  Cut toe nails straight across and Wear comfort- able shoes that fit well.   Use liquid polish
(as it may spoil upper leather)
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