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About Us
Elite Bharathi Foot needs was started with sole aim of improving the quality and aesthetic sense of Diabetic foot wear in India. according to conservative estimates one in every sixth person of urban population is Known Diabetic or Prone Diabetic.
Some of these Known Diabetics go to the stage of Amputation of foot since no protection or care is give to the foot problems. Elite Bharathi with extensive support given by Leading Diabetologies conducted foot care camps over last 4 years, Developed quality foot wear with aesthetic sense A non absorbable polymer and solar were used. Hyderabad is chosen as a centre considered to be Diabetic Capital of India.

Health & happiness. Essential prerequisites for harmonious lives, unfortunately not easily achievable. The stress & strain of modern times have only added to the woes. Given such trying circumstances, how can health & happiness be ensured? Elite was conceived with the core philosophy of providing health & happiness to sections of the society that demands specific & specially designed footwear. Initiated & developed by a dedicated from of Senior Doctors........ Elite health wear is designed for patients comfort & care.

With age people grow WISER. Nature bestows grey hair & the pleasures of ageing. Every part of the body is affected with age. As eyes require spectacles, Feet require specially designed footwear. Elite aims at fulfilling this need of the senior citizens. Active interaction with doctors & patients has helped Elite create a niche for itself in the area of quality footwear. After all health is the corner stone of all human endeavour. Sustained R & D effort and responsive & patient friendly attitude has enabled. Elite to create a range of Footwear that puts the smile back on the patient's face.

The above models are Specific & Esthetic. PU (Polyurethane) Soles are used for better comfort & durability as per need. The sizes are as per International standards. However, for convenience, bigger or smaller sizes are made as per customers requirements.
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