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1. How exactly does the footwear help the Diabetic patients?
A. The footwear is basically protective in nature Plastazot ( Microcellular polymer) is non absorbent material ,at the same time compressible like other polymers .It avoids pressure and friction because of its compressible nature. The polymer is used as lining for upper as well as insole. Since there are no stitches, minimal thread injury is avoided.
2. How different are they from other comfortable footwear?
A. Some of the comfortable footwear are also using polyurethane soles since they are lightweight,at the same time cushiony and is strong. In Diabetic footwear the leather is very soft canvas for stiffness is avoided. The insole with MCP 6mm to 12mm gives high cushion for the patients and pressure points are taken care of. Arch (Universal/custom made) are provided to the insole so that direct pressure on plantar surface is released. Velcros are arranged in different fashion Diabetic footwear. Counter is provided in diabetic footwear with Nubuck hood to avoid minimal friction to tendo calcaneus while walking. Toe box is arranged in such fashion(broad sole in front) so that there is no head on injury with while walking.
3. How are they made available to patients at different places?
A. You can order the footwear if they are normal from our outlets in states
Dr. Victoria.M.Vernon
Phone no. 1-201-936-3638
1309,Gatewooddrive apts.-l 107
Phone no.-00 1 -334-501 -5812,001 -334-826-0940.
Do they really help in treatment of Diabetes?
They are only protective in nature. The heat generated by polymer to some extent improve circulation and patient feels comfortable.

4. What are the benefits of wearing polymer lined footwear?
A. Benefits are multifold. The lining of the uppers help in avoiding pressure and friction to the dorsal aspect of the foot. lt generates some heat which gives comfort to the patient. The counter in the footwear with Nubuck hood gives good grip to the heel and also protects tendon Achilles from friction. The insole with arch is signed to provide comfort and cushion to plantar and metatarsal areas. The velcros can be loosened to accommodate swelling seen in most of the elderly patients. The broad front PU soles helps to accommodate metatarsals and toes from pressure injuries. The Rocker Bottom sole (PU) helps in maintaining Biomechanics of foot.. the polymer (Plastazot) is non absorbable material and can be washed. This helps avoiding absorption of sweat and spread of infection. The polymer lining and insole helps in avoiding pressure and friction. The counter with polymer lining helps in keeping the plantar area compact and thus avoid cracked feet.
5. What do you mean by custom made footwear and how much do they cost?
A. Custom made footwear are tailor made footwear for abnormal feet like cracked feet,mutilated feet,amputated foot,Diabetic ulcer on plantar surface(ulcer crater,metatarsal).Cost varies depending upon labor and material involved,generally they take more time and involves skilled workers. Many a times the final product is evolved after a number of trials and errors. We have evolved a system where our own software is used to differentiate pressure points and digital images taken in different angles and foot prints on graph papers give us exact measurement at different levels toes,metatarsals,arch,ankle and plantars. The images and results thus are mail transferred and custom made footwear is possible to. Further answers on subject can be had from drkrk02@,vahoo.com.
6. I am very tall and my foot measurements are not easily available in market. Can you help me?
A. We can make footwear of any length and breadth both in PU and Nubuck soles.
7. What other precautions are to be taken apart from wearing Diabetic protective footwear?
A. Please go through our website and read Dos and Donts.
8.Can you make footwear for professionals,with duties of long standing
A. We are already doing foot wear for nurses with aesthetic look. We are also supplying service shoes to police and territorial services.
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